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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies pollutants into two categories: things that can kill you called “life-threatening and everything else that can get you sick are called “nuisance pollutants.” Over time,  they  are the same kind of pollutant. If you are not healthy, your body does not have the energy to defend itself against diseases.

The water that we drink is part of those pollutants and your health may be affected if you don’t pay attention to the quality of the water too. Nowadays the majority of people assume that bottled water is also cleaner or more healthful than the water from the tap. Well, this is not necessarily true. In some cases, even when you buy water labeled “purified” or “filtered,” it likely contains many of the same contaminants that are commonly found in tap water or worse. Although millions of people believed they are getting quality and healthy drinking water from expensive water bottles, this has proven to be nothing but an advertising scam (see “The Story of Bottled Water” on the home page). ABC News sent a few name brands of bottled water to be quality analyzed. The study found no differences at all. In the long run bottled water, proved to be far more expensive than using filtered drinking water for your home use, and filtered bottled water for outside your home.

Over the past two decades, worlds’ obsession with bottled water contributed to an already out of control waste management problem. As you probably know only about 15% of plastic water bottles are recycled, the rest are discarded, leading a major plastic pollution in our lands and oceans.
The bottles themselves are a health concern. According to recent reports, plastic bottles may actually allow a certain toxin called Bisphenol A (BPA) to mix into the water inside the bottle, moreover if the bottlers are  heated by being left in the sun or a car.

Due to these concerns and a growing understanding that bottled water may not even be more healthful than filtered drinking water from the tap, some major cities, including Los Angeles, have begun to ban the use of public funds for bottled water. Slowly people are beginning to realize that the problems associated with bottled water outweigh the potential benefits.

Decide what is more important to you: your money and your health or the commodity of buying bottled water and making a plastic soup out of our oceans.

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